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Whatever your project is that needs cold, we have the experience:

COOLING INTERNATIONAL LLc offers a complete line of commercial and industrial refrigeration equipment and components, construction materials for refrigerated chambers and medium and large capacity air conditioning systems.

Simplify your life and contact our sales agent closest to your location. We work with end clients or local contractors maintaining the most integrated loyalty with our clients


We have more than 15 years of experience and the backing of prestigious manufacturers to carry out a successful project for the following industries:


Air Conditioning:

• Buildings

• Hotels

• Hospitals

• Shopping Centers

•Industrial Plants

•Pharmaceutical Industries


Commercial Refrigeration:

• Convenience Stores

• Supermarkets

• Hypermarkets

• Food Processing Plants


Industrial Refrigeration:

We design and build engine rooms with Freon refrigerant, ammonia, CO2 and intermediate refrigerants like glycol for the following industries:

• Slaughterhouse: Poultry, Chicken, Beef or Pork

• Fish and Shirmp Plants

• Meat Processing Plants

Beverage Processing Plants

• Dairy Plants, including Cheese Maturation Rooms

• Process Plants or Fruit and Vegetable Management

• Ice Production, Packing and Distribution Plants

•Distribution Centers and Cold Food Storage

• "Chillers" Water Cooling Systems for the Plastics, Chemicals and Processes Industry in General.

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